The Best Slot Tournament Strategy for Winning Big

Let’s be clear. Slot machines are random. Whether you’re playing live in Vegas or online at Slots of Vegas, there’s no way to manipulate a slot machine into feeding you a victory. Yes, it’s easy to win playing slots. And yes, it’s possible to hit the jackpot. But forcing a machine to pay you out is nearly if not entirely impossible. Especially during online slot tournaments.

So when people claim that they have a surefire way to take down slot tournaments, don’t believe them.

We know what you’re thinking. “Why did you hook me in with a title related to slot tournament strategies and flip the dialog entirely, telling me that there’s no such thing as ‘how to win slot machine’ strategies.”

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Well, there’s no guaranteed way to win. But there is a guaranteed strategy for playing smart. By following our simple slot tournament guide, you’ll find more success over the long term.

Play the max bet on every spin


You know how slot machine games let you modify your bet so you can play a little or a lot at once? Many slot tournament players take the slow and steady approach. They figure small gains might help them crawl to the front because people risking a lot will end up busting out. But in tournament play, every second and every coin matters. So bet the max each time. Sure, you might bust out. But when you win, you’ll win big. And win big is the way how to win a slot tournament.

Play every payline


If you’re playing a multi-payline slot machine, consider playing each and every payline. By playing anything less, you might miss out on scooping up loads of credits if you hit a line that you forgot to play. And remember, if you want to play certain bonus rounds, you need to bet on all the playlines to qualify.

Turn on AutoPlay


In slot tournaments, speed is everything. Wasting time adding credits manually can set you back and give others the chance to push ahead. If you’re playing an online slot tournament, turn AutoPlay on. That’s the function that does the spinning and betting for you automatically. You can literally sit back and watch how you do. Some online tournaments disable this feature, so if that’s the case, make sure you’re quick with each bet.

Get rid of distractions during slot tournament


It’s easy to play slot machines and multitask. Many who play online even have multiple windows open, including Skype, Facebook, and other casino games. But if you’re playing in a slot tournament, you should turn off all those distractions. To win at a slot tourney, you need to focus. So maximize your slot machine window and make sure no other apps are open. If you’re playing in a live casino, some noise canceling headphones or earplugs are always a good idea.

Don’t miss your online slot tournament


Set your alarm on your phone. Slot tournaments start on time, so waltzing into one late means one of two things. If you’ve paid for a seat, you’ll get to play but you risk falling behind pretty quickly. If you haven’t yet registered, you might not be able to play.

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