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5 Reasons Why You Should Practice Blackjack

We all know the sayings “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and “Practice makes perfect,” but when it comes to blackjack, what is the real value of practicing? How can you acquire blackjack skills? What do you gain by playing just for the sake of practicing? Should you practice for free or real money? We’ll answer these questions with the following 5 reasons why you should practice blackjack.

  1. Practice Really Does Make Perfect

Whether you’re looking to hone in on a new skill or familiarize yourself with a new game (remember that blackjack practice comes in many different variations), you’re going to need the time it takes to really get the hang of it. There’s no golden rule for the number of hands you have to play in order to master a new technique or really learn the ins and outs of a game; every person is different. Some people like to practice for fun money before playing for real money, but some feel that it loses the “real” feeling of the game. Again, a personal choice.

One advantage the internet offers card players is that you can play blackjack online for free or for real money. Try asking someone in a land-based casino where all the free blackjack tables are; you’ll get the standard thug-in-a-suit grimace. By trying out several variations of blackjack online for free, you can find out which one is your favorite.

Popular online blackjack variations include Classic Blackjack, Las Vegas Strip Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack, Single-Deck and Multi-Deck Blackjack, and more. Each variant has its own rules and unique twists; find your favorite and make it your own.

  1. Blackjack Has the Lowest House Edge in the Casino

When it comes to gambling, it’s all about probability and the odds. We all know that casino games are designed to make a profit for a casino, otherwise they would choose another business. The profitability of each casino game is also known as the house edge. And all casino games are not created equal; the house edge on some games is so bad you can’t even imagine playing.

Keno has a house edge of 25%, while craps has a house edge of 1% – 16% depending on the type of bet. Blackjack stands out for having the lowest house edge in the casino at 1.6%, and only 0.5% when you apply certain tactics and basic blackjack skills. By studying a basic blackjack table, you’ll learn when to stand, hit, split, or double down. And these tactics qualify as skills, not random luck.

There are plenty of online resources and blackjack strategy charts to help you max out your blackjack game. Blackjack beginner strategies explain how to choose the right blackjack variation, while advanced blackjack strategy and card-counting guides help put you on track to becoming a pro blackjack player. And pro players always choose the game with the lowest house edge.

  1. Real Skill vs Random Luck

Many casino games are just random luck. By spinning a roulette wheel, you really have no idea where the ball will stop on any given spin. Only the table bets offer any sort of choice, and still rely on random probability to pay off. Shooting craps is also all about luck—and the table is full of horrible bets designed to make the casino richer.

Blackjack and poker are both games where skill plays a prime factor in your success. If you know a good strategy, apply it reliably, and bet with your head instead of your gut, you will enjoy the feeling that only winning a game of skill like blackjack can give you.

Blackjack is a great game because there are no buy-ins, antes, or bluffs to deal with—as is the case with poker. In blackjack you are only playing against the dealer, and your job is to make the dealer bust. Knowing the odds of each card dealt and what you should do to profit from this information makes blackjack a great game to practice, learn, and master.

  1. Because It’s Free!

Back in the day, the only way to practice blackjack (or any casino game, for that matter), was to head over to the casino, plop down some cash and practice until you won or ran out of money (or a little bit of both). Today you have the ability to play online for free (in your pajamas, even)! So rather than dumping money down the casino hole trying to master blackjack, you can play online for free.

All reputable online casinos offer the possibility to try out their games for free first, using ‘fun money’ or virtual cash. You can register and download the casino software to play blackjack for free offline, or you can opt for a web play session. All you need is the internet and a smart device; you can even play mobile casino versions.

And the best part about playing blackjack online? They give you bonuses to encourage you to try your luck!

  1. Because It’s FUN!

Most things that require practice aren’t necessarily all that fun. For example, practicing algebra equations or practicing scales on the piano. While there are probably those out there that really love practicing (even math and music), most of us like to get down to the action and skip the boring grind. Luckily, when it comes to blackjack, practicing for free or real money is a lot of fun and you’ll enjoy yourself while you gain skill and become more confident.

So on that note, good luck, enjoy playing blackjack, and most importantly – have fun!

Enjoy playing the best casino games!
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