5 Seemingly Insignificant Details that Determine How to Win at Slots

The size of the jackpot

Want to know the secret of how to win at slots? Video slots are generally a game of chance because the results are generated by a random number generator. That’s said, there still are things that you can do make sure you win at slots!

Here are 5 seemingly unimportant details that you shouldn’t overlook if you’re looking to win at slots.


The Size of the Progressive Jackpot

Ok. So naturally if the jackpot is larger, you stand to win more. However, the point here is that as progressive jackpots are constantly growing as players play across the network you can look at the ticker and the one that’s growing the fastest is the most popular. And… the slots that are the most popular are most likely the ones that pay out the most, too!


Spread Out Your Bets

Spreading your bets

Simply put, play the maximum number of coins but keep your bets low. The more you spread out your bets the more likely you are to win something. Therefore, you don’t have to use a high coin denomination, just make sure to spread out your bets.


Bet Max

Bet Max

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of money, but it gets you one step closer to learn how to win at slots. You can use a low coin denomination and/or play at a machine that has fewer lines. 1. Bet Max is the only way to win the jackpot and 2. the more you bet, the more you stand to win, every time.


Slow Down!

Slow down when playing slots

Sometimes if the game is fast paced, you can get in a rhythm and end up spinning and spinning without having first instilled a good strategy. You can set the game speed inside the options are of the casino so you can slow down and pay attention to what you’re doing.


Don’t Count

Don't count when playing slot machines

You’ll waste your time and money – remember that slot machines are random and there’s nothing you can do to change that. The results are random so counting spins will only lead you to disappointment because there’s zero science behind it.

Heed these easy tips and you’ll definitely set yourself off in the right direction to figure out how to win at slots!

Colin Jones

Colin Jones is a born and raised Chicago writer specialized on topics related to the casino and gambling industry. Having years of experience on the field, Colin will keep you in touch with the latest news and advances on the casino industry.