8 insane facts about Vegas Casinos

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!” this is something we have all heard, have not we? However, Vegas casinos are not only famous for the crazy stories of their visitors. Las Vegas casinos are full of weirdest facts on their own. And here is our list of the most insane facts about Las Vegas Casinos.


Unpredictable Weddings

Starting with one of the most popular ones, you may have already heard that Las Vegas is an admired destination for not only bachelorettes, but weddings as well. There are more than 315 ceremonies held daily and one of the causes to that may be the fact that the licenses cost only $55. Other reasons are that there is no need to wait or have any blood tests done.


It is all about Luxury!

Well, it is no surprise that those who visit Las Vegas would like to experience a truly luxurious experience and the fact that 60000 pounds of shrimps are consumed daily in the area around casinos once again stresses this.


The Focal Point

The very famous Luxor Pyramid beam that attracts a lot of tourists, actually, is quite worthy to operate; the amount of electricity bill per hour is about $60.


Flamingos Secrets

The well-known hotel-casino “The Flamingo” was run and owned by Ben Siegel, also known as Bugsy, a mafia member.The name of this casino was chosen by Bugsy in regards with her girlfriend’s long legs.


Busy with Tourists

Las Vegas casinos host about 40000000 tourists every day! That is quite a big number!


Dominant on the Market

The regular vaults in Las Vegas Casinos, which are about $30-60 million, are usually doubled on weekends and holidays.


Aim of the Visitors

The primary expectation of most of the visitors of Las Vegas is to return back home with the greater sum than they left with; the luckiest one was a person who won the largest jackpot ever which was around $40 000 000.


And the weirdest fact…

Probably one of the most insane facts about Las Vegas casinos is that those living on this territory have 40% less likelihood of committing suicide if they leave this area.

Las Vegas Casinos can fascinate anyone with their never-ending list of craziest facts; after all unforgettable memories are what we take back from Vegas besides possible jackpot of course.

Rose Pratt

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