Most Beloved Slot Games in Slots of Vegas History

Slot machines have evolved drastically over their history. From the early coin operated machines to online version that simply require a software download and install. The games have also evolved when it comes to its themes, and there is really a game for every player out there regardless of their preference. Just taking a look at the over 80 online slots available at Slot of Vegas, it is hard to imagine a player not finding something that peaks their interest. Below are just a few of the slots that have reached icon status, and are some of the most beloved slot games ever.



Relive the epic battle of Troy as Achilles and his men battle the Trojans to return the beautiful Helen to her husband in Greece. This is a 20 line slot game and has become a fan favorite for both advanced and novice players alike.

Polar Explorer

There are two big jackpots and three separate bonus rounds in this exciting game. If you enjoy themed games, it is hard to ignore the Polar Explorer. Go hunting for treasure through the artic freeze in this intoxicating online slot game.


Monster Mayhem

If you enjoy a game with fantastic characters and variety, then Monster Mayhem is right up your alley. That is why so many online players have embraced it and enjoy nothing more than playing slots with furious monsters crushing anything in their sites.

Paris Beauty

Paris is as enchanting of a city as any place in the world. With numerous movies, books, works of art, and even an entire casino in Las Vegas paying homage to the beautiful Paris, it is no wonder that a slot machine designed after the city has earned such as special spot in everyone’s heart.


Cleopatra’s Gold

Cleopatra is one of history’s most fascinating characters. These characters are what make these games interesting and attractive to players all over the world. In Cleopatra’s Gold, the queen’s wealth and gold are ripe for the taking, and it is hard to imagine a better way to spend an evening than playing this game.

Penguin Power

Who doesn’t love penguins? Believe it or not most people just love them. That is why is Penguin Power is one of the most popular games in online slots history. The coolest prizes are available in this online slot game that will give you the chills of excitement.


Fruit Frenzy

If you don’t get your recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables, then Fruit Frenzy is your game. Characters make a game enjoyable, and there simply isn’t a game out there with as many characters as this. How many games will be to incorporate a daredevil pineapple into it? Fruit Frenzy has proven to be hilarious and frantic at the same time, making it one of the most beloved games of all time.

The Elf Wars

Christmas will have to be put on the back burner until these elves get this out of their system. One of the most entertaining games out on the market today, it has already reached a legendary status for the legions of its loyal players.

Do you agree with this list or do you think we missed out your own favorite game?

Susan Sedlak

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