Very Interesting Blackjack Myths

Gambling is a past time that is rife with different superstitions, rituals, and flat out myths. From the absurd, plausible, to the outright ludicrous it is hard for one to differentiate from what is fact and what is well, BS.

Blackjack arguably has the most myths that get spread about how to win big and walk away from the felt with a fat wad. The truth and secret is that it isn’t so much about winning all the hands or even the majority in most cases. It is really all about avoiding or minimizing loss as much as possible while at the same time maxing out what you can win.

innerbjcover08112015Surrendering is for people who don’t like to gamble, this one myth I hate the most:

First off, what someone’s intentions are when playing with their money is their business, second of all how is minimizing loss not gambling? If you aren’t looking to blow your whole bankroll early cash management is key and it is best to get out losing half of what you put down rather than the whole thing, especially when your chances of winning aren’t good at all. We come to win and have fun, not just give away our money in a spendthrift fashion.

The whole point is to win every hand if possible and even money is a win. This is another myth that is patently absurd: In a game like this, chance will supersede skill to some degree and chance is a variable one cannot control for obvious reason. If you go into the game with the mindset you are going to win more than you lose you are in for a frustrating run and frustration can lead to poor decisions which only exacerbate losses. Also, even money minimizes your win, which is converse to how you really build your bank roll. It is all about maximizing your win while minimizing loss. Not the converse.

innerbjnyths108112015A deuce is like an ace for the dealer: Not quite. A deuce is actually better for the player, reason being that when they start out with a two the dealer is one third more likely to bust due to the fact that they are required to hit that soft 17 and will have to hit on 16 or lower. Also, aces are more of an advantage to the player than to the dealer as when a player has an ace, all they need is 10 to hit blackjack and get that elusive 30 to 2 payout.

I hope that these little pointers help dispel a lot of the myths one hears when sitting at the felt. Remember, it’s all about working smart, not hard so good strategy can make the difference between leaving the felt to go get something nice for yourself and leaving the felt to hit the pawnshop. Good luck and all the best.

Colin Jones

Colin Jones is a born and raised Chicago writer specialized on topics related to the casino and gambling industry. Having years of experience on the field, Colin will keep you in touch with the latest news and advances on the casino industry.