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How to Explain Online Slots to a Friend

If you’re reading this, we can only guess you’ve got an underlying love for slot machines like us. If you’re making the effort to go to a place called Slots of Vegas, your favorite casino game probably isn’t Blackjack (though we’ve got that) or Roulette (though we’ve got that too). Nor is it Video Poker (yup, got that) or Baccarat (alright yeah, we’ve got that as well).

No, you’re in love with online slot machines. Maybe a little too much. Maybe your friends don’t share your love. Maybe they don’t understand the fascination. Or maybe they have no idea what they are or how they work.

Online slots are one of the easiest casino games to play, primarily because winning is based entirely on luck and chance. Not skill. But, with so many paylines and reels spinning, it can look way more complex than the game of Craps for example (which really isn’t that complicated at all…just check our Craps posts for proof). We’re going to break it all down for you, so you can break it all down to your friends.

The Goal of Online Slot Machines

Your objective when playing online slot machines is simple. Press a button and watch the symbols line up. If you manage to hit the right combination (usually at least three) you win some cash. The amount you’ll win depends on which symbols you’ve lined up and how much they’re worth. There’s a payout chart in every slot machine game that lists the different features and variables. These include the slot’s volatility, how many paylines there are, the number of reels, and also what kind of jackpot is up for grabs. Some slots may seem the same when it comes to their values and appearance. But it’s worth remembering that every online slot machine is different, and so will be the strategy needed in order to win anything.

Understanding Reels and Symbols

Every slot machine has a set number of reels. Some have three. Others have five. Some online slots even have 7 reels these days. The reels are what spin round and round and display various different symbols once they stop. The combination of symbols displayed is what determines whether the player receives a payout or not. Most online slot machines work with special symbols called wilds and scatters. These symbols have the ability to substitute for other, less-desirable symbols showing up throughout the game. These special symbols also have the ability to unlock bonus rounds when a certain number of them display on the reels at once. These bonus rounds include things like free games, free spins, free coins, and different types of bet multipliers.

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Getting to Know Paylines

Each online slot machine comes with a certain number of paylines. These can range from a fixed paylines right through to 243 variable paylines. In order to win cash, players must match up symbols on a payline. Paylines often move in different directions. In a multi-payline slot machine, you don’t necessarily have to match three in a row horizontally. You also don’t have to play all the paylines. If a slot machine has 50 paylines, you can often play between one payline and all 50. However, by betting on all paylines you can maximize your chances of winning a jackpot. Again, this is why it’s always worth studying the game’s paytables so you can gain a good understanding of how your bet amount could affect the outcome.

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Understand the Betting System

To play online slots, you simply hit the Spin button. But you need to make your bet first. The bet amount is usually the bet per payline. You can often bet as little as $0.01 and jump all the way to $5 per payline. In a 25-payline game, that means you can bet 1 cent on each payline and every spin will cost you 25 cents.

The size of your wager doesn’t change the game’s probability or odds. But by making larger bets or placing max coins, the cash out will be considerably greater if the right combination does appear on the reels. You’ll also be eligible to play for the progressive jackpot feature if there is one. On some online slots, it is only possible to play for the jackpot reward if the payer has placed a maximum bet.

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How Payouts and Bonuses Work

Online slots work with complex casino technologies known as a Random Number Generators (RNGs). Unlike casino games such as video poker or craps, you can’t predict any outcomes in online slots. This is because these generators ensure that the results of every spin are entirely random. Of course that shouldn’t put you off! Because it is still very much possible to hit winning combinations and jackpots in these games. What you receive in the end will be determined by your bet amount in accordance with the slot’s paytable.

If you haven’t got $100 to use as a bet on an online slot, don’t stress too much. You should be able to use a bonus on most online slot games. Bonuses are frequently offered by online casinos. Not only can they double your bankroll, they can also provide you with free spins which you can claim to win real money. Just be sure to check the terms and conditions of the bonus you are about to use. Some bonus offers won’t work with certain slots.

And speaking of bonuses… we at Slots of Vegas will give you a 250% New Player bonus to spend on a huge variety of slot games just for signing up! Now go tell those curious friends of yours about that too!


That’s pretty much all there is to know about online slot machine games. If your friend isn’t interested in reading tips and tricks for slots, try this. They can practice for free first using the Instant Play feature of the game. Alternatively if they want to play online slot machines for real money – just tell them to press AutoPlay when the game is loaded. The software will do all the work for them so they don’t have to lift a finger. That’s the beauty of online slots. Tons of fun, easier than table games, hardly any thinking involved, and you can still win real money. What’s not to love!?

Enjoy playing the best casino games!
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