Holiday Shopping 2013: Best gifts for Gamblers

Still trying to figure out what to get that special someone for Christmas? Don’t sweat it. If your loved one loves to gamble, there are some amazing products on the market right now that we know they’ll love. Some are obvious. Others, not so much. Take a look and see what you like. Chances are you’ll find something they’ll love (plus a few things you’ll probably want for yourself).

A trip to Las Vegas


Cost: $300+ with flight and hotel

You love Slots of Vegas. And so does that gambler in your life. But we’re the first to admit it. While we’re the closest you can get to Sin City, sometimes we just crave the real thing. For just a few hundred bucks, you can book a trip for two to Vegas and take your gambler on the trip of a lifetime. Not sure about exact dates? Get a gift certificate to You can even include a Las Vegas message on the e-card so they know what you have in mind.

Gambling Smartphone Case


Cost: $20

No, a gambling smartphone case doesn’t help you figure out whether to split or stand at the blackjack tables. But it’s a great way to show the world that you’re all about fun and games. Head over to your local mall kiosk and you’ll find smartphone cases with cards, dice, and even Vegas-inspired images.

Anything from


Cost: $5 and up based on the gift.

We love this site. Why? Because there are so many cool personalized items on there. Type in gambling and you’ll find hilarious t-shirts, mugs, and other cool stuff. There’s card-themed stuff. Slot machine inspired items. And pretty much anything you can think of.

Dell Venue Pro


Cost: $299

The Dell Venue Pro offers the full Windows 8 experience in a touch-friendly format. That means if the online casino you want to play at offers games for PC only, it’ll play. There’s no tablet app required so it’s the most versatile tablet on the market.

A Blackjack Table


Cost: $200+

Poker tables are all the rage, but you can mix things up and up the ante even more by throwing a blackjack table into your basement casino. You’ll even find blackjack tables for sale on eBay, so you don’t have to look too far. More into slots? You can find antique and new age slot machines on eBay, too.

A Account


Cost: Free

Surprise them on Christmas morning with a pre-loaded account. It’s free to set up if you want a low-cost (or zero cost) stocking stuffer. Of course, it’s more fun to win for real, so why not throw $50 in their account and see how far it can take them? Maybe they’ll make enough cash to help you create your own real money account.

Rose Pratt

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