Las Vegas 21 Experience

Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe it is a good thing to be a “beginner” at the Las Vegas Blackjack tables. Let me explain why:

My first time in Las Vegas, I mainly played the slots. They were easy, fun and full of bonus opportunities. I began to notice, however, that many people where having a great time at the Blackjack tables and thought: “I have played Blackjack at home, I can do that.”

I strolled over to a table with one other lonely person sitting at it and a bored looking dealer.

The dealer perked up when I sat down in my obvious tourist attire and an over eager look on my face. This is Blackjack, right?” I inquired innocently and I might add, with just a touch of stupidity, since it said Blackjack on a huge blinking neon sign hanging above the dealer’s head. -“Yes Ma’am”- beamed the very professional young man who held the deck in his hand. “Have you played before?” I answered that, yes, I had, but only a little at home. -“So, can you help me with the Vegas rules, so I don’t make any silly mistakes?” – You would have thought he won the lottery when I said that and he agreed to help me as much as he could and not lose his job. I was excited and ready to play.

I plopped down my $5.00 chip and waited for the deal. The dealer was a man of his word and explained the basics of the game as we went along. Lo and behold, I began to win. Raoul (his name was Raoul) told me when I should stand, split, and hit. I continued to win. After several hands, a crowd began to gather.

Some of the bystanders were rooting for dumb little hick me and others joined the game. The seats at the table began to fill up.

I was up by $150.00 when my luck turned. Now I may be a hick from Oregon, but I know when to pull my money out and run. I left with $125.00 more than I started with and a huge crowd playing the now very popular table. I think Raoul loved me just a little bit.

I began to think about how my winning streak came about and decided to play another blackjack table at another casino where the dealer was all alone and looking a little bored. By now, I was a little better educated in playing Blackjack according to Las Vegas rules, but I gave the sympathetic dealer the same big eyed, dumb blonde story and he walked me through the rules and nuances of the game as we played. I almost couldn’t lose. For those of you who spend time at the casinos in Vegas, you know that seeing someone win is a draw for others who want to do the same thing. If you see a “hot table”, it naturally pulls you in and everybody likes to see an overly excited newbie jumping up and down in their seat as they rake in the chips.

When the Danny’s (his name was Danny) table filled up and I began to lose, I cashed in $200.00 in chips and felt I had found my game. I had a great time that night and while it didn’t always end the same way, it happened enough times to make me wonder. Does it pay to be a “virgin” Blackjack player when the table is slow? Who knows, but I came out ahead that night by $800.00 and while my first gambling love is Slots, I will probably play the Blackjack tables again next time I am in Las Vegas.

Cheryl Godfrey

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