Slots of Vegas is on Netflix…sort of

So the other day, a couple of the guys at the Slots of Vegas office and I were browsing Netflix, looking for something good to watch on our lunch break. Most of us have already seen House of Cards (which is amazing) and the newest season of Arrested Development (which is not so amazing).

Someone suggested that we watch something gambling or casino related because, well, that’s what we do here. It was a pretty great idea, except for one problem.

Finding a movie or TV show that has to do with gambling isn’t hard. Agreeing which one to watch? Ridiculously difficult.

It turns out there are loads more casino and gambling influences and references in pop culture that we thought. And it’s not just limited to movies and TV shows. We’re talking about pop culture as a whole. Even our iPhone has been influenced by casino games. It’s pretty crazy and a bit hard to wrap your head around, so we’ve put together this infographic to make it easier. Enjoy.

Casinos and Pop Culture Preview

Infographic: Casinos and Pop Culture

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