The Top Ten Best Gambling Songs

Who doesn’t like to play with great gambling music? If you’re a Poker or Blackjack player then maybe not. However, how about a great playlist to play on the car while driving to your casino or place of game?

If you’re playing online, then I bet many of you might play some music while hitting the slots. Anyhow, if you enjoy gambling, then you will enjoy these hits. I’m pretty sure of it!


Winner Takes is all by Abba

ABBA will always be ABBA and this classic just rocks! And yes, in gambling we all know that The Winner Takes it All.


The Gambler by Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers is another favorite of so many and this song invites you to know when to fold ‘em and know when to hold ‘em. The man knew his gambling!


The House of the Rising Sun by the Animals

This one is an old time favorite of many and it’s part of the soundtrack of “Casino” and “Goodfellas”. It is the story of a man who spent his life losing everything in a gambling establishment. Although it is not a happy tale of gambling, you very well know this is how we can all end up. Nothing wrong with some advice in gambling songs.


Poker Face by Lady Gaga

The power house of Lady Gaga sings this song with the real desire to play men like Poker players play cards and each other. So, if you’re in love or in some romantic affair and gamble, check this one out!


Ace of Spades by Motorhead

One of those great powerful classics. This song is a monument to the game of Ace of Spades card and the adrenaline rush of playing the game. It’s a great one to play while getting ready to hit your gambling time. Whether it’s online or at the casino. Pump up with this one!


The Card Cheat by The Clash

A sad song about cheating and hitting rock bottom. Not your happiest tune, but one about cheating and gambling all the same!


The Jack by AC/DC

Gotta love AC/DC! This one is about a woman who beat him, the singer, with the Jack. A woman who played a great Poker face and unexpectedly beat him. Could this story be about gambling or real life? That’s for you to decide!


Easy Money by Billy Joel

Easy Money is a cool song about a man’s love for any type of gambling. So much passion, that it mentions horse betting, table games and fights.


Tumbling Dice by Rolling Stones

This song is all about not trusting women, yet gambling on relationships with them, because it just feels awesome! You see, it makes tons of references about gambling, yet my point is that gambling tends to have a great similarity to real life.


Blackjack by Ray Charles

Our top ten or favorite in this list, my favorite, that is, is this great song by the king Ray Charles. It’s a blues song about loving Blackjack too much, but it’s a passionate and great tune. Don’t miss it!

Any other song you want to add to the list? Please add it in the comments below. We want more tips for our gambling playlist!

Colin Jones

Colin Jones is a born and raised Chicago writer specialized on topics related to the casino and gambling industry. Having years of experience on the field, Colin will keep you in touch with the latest news and advances on the casino industry.