This guy transformed a deserted night at the Las Vegas airport into an epic WIN!

Layovers can be somewhat of an unbearable hassle, especially if you are stuck on an airport overnight. The cold A/C, the uncomfortable seats, and vending machine food are not my idea of a pleasant evening. But maybe it’s because I am not as cool as Richard Dunn.

With the help of songbird Celine Dion (well at least one of her songs) and a whole lot of histrionic gimmicks, Dunn transformed a lonely night in Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport into a music video that is equal parts hilarious and worthy of praise. In the video, we see Dunn parading around the deserted airport while vehemently lip-syncing Dion’s chart-topping hit “All by Myself”.

With the help of his IPhone, a roll of duct tape, a wheelchair and heaps of creativity, Dunn was able to get quite elaborated shots of himself as he mops and croons around the slots machines, walkways, and terminals. Check out this hysterical video below, we definitely think he made Celine proud:

All by myself from Richard Dunn on Vimeo.

Rose Pratt

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