Weirdest Lucky Rituals around the World

Forget about that old rabbit’s foot, the world is loaded with special ways to boost your luck, both in life and at the casino. Let’s take a look at some of the weirdest lucky rituals practiced around the world.

Throwing Old Appliances out the Window

innerwindow20022015In Italy, New Year’s Eve is literally out with the old and in with the new. To prepare for a year of good fortune, Italians toss a variety of dated housewares and even major appliances out the window to symbolize the ridding of the negative experiences of the past. While safety concerns have made this ritual less common over the years, many Italians continue to cling to this belief in order to bring good luck.

Toss a Baby from a Temple

innerbaby20022015From weird to downright dangerous, this southern Indian tradition involves dropping a newborn from a temple balcony in order to bring about a lifetime of good fortune. If catching a falling baby in a giant blanket sounds like a risky ritual, that’s because it is. The Indian government is working to fully ban the practice, but some local villages still carry out the ritual to this day. Though the babies are visibly shaken following the ritual, religious officials insist that no child has been harmed by the practice.

Wearing Baboon Skin on your Head

innerbaboon20022015Members of the Hadzabe tribe in Tanzania, Africa, place the skin of a baboon on their head for good fortune before embarking on a hunt. In addition to the unusual headwear, this ritual includes singing, dancing and a smearing of herbal medicine in order to eliminate the seeds of misfortune. Elders typically bless the bow and arrow of the hunter as well, which is believed to provide good luck while in the field.

Burying a Llama Fetus

innerllama20022015Believe it or not, mummified llama fetuses aren’t just for decoration, let me re-phrase that: some people, in some places in the South of America (the Continent) use mummified llama fetuses aren’t for decoration, yet some give them another interesting use more related to us, Slots of Vegas gamblers. The ancient Andean culture of Bolivia indicates that burying a llama fetus under the foundation of your home can provide the owners with good luck in the future.

Throwing Dishes at your Neighbors

innerdishes20022015Residents of Denmark throw dishes at the doors of their neighbors to bring in good luck on New Year’s Eve. The more broken dishes on your front porch, the more luck you’ll have in the New Year, so be sure to watch your step when going out the next morning.

Supercharged Streaking

innerhadaka20022015In Japan, over 9,000 men participate in an annual festival where semi-naked men are carried through the streets of their towns. The town then chooses one man, known simply as Naked Man, who must shave his body hair and run through the streets as other males pursue him for a touch of good luck and prosperity. It is called Hadaka Matsuri and being Naked Man is an honor, but it comes with its share of danger as well. In the past, overly ambitious pursuers have been known to injure the bearer of luck in fits of over excitement.

When it comes to luck, there’s always room for a little more. If you’ve been on a bad luck streak at the casino, there’s always time to jump on a plane and take part in one of these unbelievable lucky rituals practiced around the world.

Susan Sedlak

Susan Sedlak is a writer based on San Diego, California. Being an avid player, and most importantly, an avid blog reader, Susan knows how to deliver interesting, highly entertaining articles.