You won’t believe what some superstitious gamblers will do

I thought I was a superstitious gambler. Whenever I sit down at a Blackjack table, I only sit in the first two seats to the left of the dealer, or the anchor seat. No other seat will do because I’ve had a string of bad luck in all other seats. When I play online at Slots of Vegas on my iPad, I tend to sit down at my kitchen table and pretend I’m in one of those seats.

So, yeah, I’m a bit superstitious. But compared to what some superstitious gamblers will do to notch that win, I’m really not very superstitious at all. Check out these five ridiculous superstitions that you won’t believe.

A little soap and water could change your fortune


Here’s a good reason to always carry a bottle of Purell with you inside a casino. Those chips that you just touched could be filthy, all thanks to one crazy superstition. Some gamblers believe that not washing their hands could lead to great fortune. For example, if there’s a huge winning streak in play, washing your hands could change that. So some gamblers could go a long time before washing their hands to keep that run of good luck – even after using the restroom. The good news? Bad luck leads to a good scrub.

If you want to score at the tables, don’t score in the bedroom


It’s common for some coaches to tell their team not to have sex the night before a big game. Many superstitious gamblers subscribe to this idea and avoid having sex before hitting the tables.

Never count your money or chips


I’ve actually found that counting my money helps me get a handle on how much I can afford to bet. And it keeps my on track so I don’t blow my bankroll all in one shot. But the most superstitious gamblers believe counting your money or chips at the table is extremely bad luck. No wonder I’ve been stared at with evil eyes every time I’ve counted my chips playing Blackjack.

Never accept $50 bills


Ever notice that casinos usually pay you out your winnings in either 20s or 100s? That’s not because the casino ran out of $50 bills. It’s because there’s a good chance they don’t stock them. It’s a common superstition for gamblers to refuse a $50 bill as payment. While a casino will never refuse a $50 bill, they usually won’t pay players back with one. If you are superstitious and the cashier happens to pay you out with a $50 bill, chances are you’d refuse it.

Never enter the casino through the front entrance


I’m not sure where this superstition came from, but it’s an interesting one nonetheless. If you’re a superstitious gambler, you’ll want to avoid entering a casino through the front entrance. If you’re in Vegas, you can find all sorts of entrances to the property, including through back entrances or through stores attached to the entrance.

When the MGM Grand first opened, it actually featured a giant lion above the front entrance. When you entered the complex, you were essentially walking through the mouth of a lion. Many superstitious casino players thought this was extra unlucky and they refused to enter through the door. Eventually, the lion mouth entrance was removed in a major renovation.

One last thing about MGM. It’s one of just a handful of Las Vegas hotels with a 13th floor. If you’re superstitious, you probably want to avoid that floor at all costs.

Got a superstition you swear by to win at Slots of Vegas or live in the real world? We’d love to hear about it.

Susan Sedlak

Susan Sedlak is a writer based on San Diego, California. Being an avid player, and most importantly, an avid blog reader, Susan knows how to deliver interesting, highly entertaining articles.