A Step by Step Guide for a Painless Casino Download

For many people throughout the world, the only way they can enjoy fun casino action, is through the internet. They simply don’t live close enough to a casino to be able to enjoy an evening of gambling. So instead, scores of players everyday will visit online casinos to get their slot machine, blackjack, or roulette fixes. While this can be very fun, it also can be very frustrating if the website doesn’t have clear and concise instructions on how to download their application.

Most people do not want to waste an entire evening wrestling with the technical aspect of downloading an online casino application. Instead, they simply want to press a few buttons, wait a few moments, and get right down to placing some wagers. With that in mind, here is a step by step guide for downloading one of the easiest casino applications on the web today.


Visit the website

Visit www.slotsofvegas.com – Go ahead and signup for an account and begin the download process. Slotsofvegas.com is one of the easiest and pain free downloads on the market today.


Click on the download button

Click “Download” – There is a download button on the right side of the main screen. The casino software is free.


Approve the download request

Make sure to approve the download – Internet Explorer has a number of safety features, and one of them is to restrict downloads that may be harmful to your computer. Therefore, it will prompt you on the top bar to approve the download and accept the risk. If you are using Google Chrome, this option will be on the bottom left.


Save the file where you can find it

Save the file – If you are using Internet Explorer, make sure to save the file in a location that you will remember. The executable file will stay in this location, even after install.


Run the installation process

Run the install – After saving the filing, or simply running the file during the Google Chrome install, you will be given a series of options through the setup process. Be sure to accept the terms of the agreement. After doing so, you will be prompted to click next a few more times before being prompted to install.


Create your new account

Create a new account – After the install is complete, click “Yes” to create a new account. Be sure to fill out all of the personal information to create your profile.


You are now ready to have fun!

Log in for the first time – At this point, you are ready to play over 100 of your favorite casino games.

It can’t get simpler that than. The file is safe and secure, and within minutes you will be enjoying hours of fun casino action.

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