Casinos need to do more to please Millennials

Vegas is pretty old school. Yes, you’ve got new casinos going up. And yes, you’ve got big, shiny screens and modern hotel rooms. But Las Vegas tends to be run by the same lot who have run Vegas for years. And these people cater to one group in particular. Baby Boomers.

Boomers are the ones with money. And casinos have spent a good chunk of market research figuring out how to please Baby Boomers. Unfortunately, that might be the wrong approach to actually making money in Vegas.

inner06102014While the Boomer crowd has tons to choose from, Millennials – people born between 1982 and 2004 – have little choice in where to play.

Let me get one thing straight. No one turns away Millenials from playing in a casino if they’re of age. If you’re 21 and not completely drunk off your face, you’re in. But that doesn’t mean the casino has been designed with you in mind.

Most casinos in Las Vegas are designed a certain way and with certain limitations. The gaming floor is isolated. If you want to watch TV, you need to head to the bar. If you take your phone out during a game of Blackjack, you’ll be asked to put it away. If you take it out a second time, you’ll be escorted off the property by a pit boss that has a penchant for grabbing people’s ears.

inner203102014But Millenials are hooked to their iPhones and Androids. When they’re having fun, they need to tell the world about it on Facebook and Twitter. Casinos are ignoring this and could end up pushing Millenials aside.

I understand not allowing smartphones at Blackjack tables for cheating purposes, but a photo here or there could make Millenials feel way more welcome. So could throwing a few TVs onto the casino floor so players at the table could watch college football or NFL while they play Baccarat.

Las Vegas requires a new way of thinking if they want to tap the Millenial market. A lot of that involves taking advantage of technology to market to Millenials, and letting them use the technology they know and love in interesting ways.

Without doing so, Millenials may end up staying home, enjoying their game at places like Slots of Vegas. Hey, we’re not complaining. But we think the live casino world deserves to succeed too.

Rose Pratt

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