Misleading Assumptions People Make About Gamblers

So you’re a gambler, hey? Well that probably means that there are already a whole bunch of stereotypes that will pop up in someone’s head (even a fellow gambler). However, stereotypes, as we all know, are usually not true or very representative of an overall group of people. Here, we’ve broken down some famous “gambler myths” and compiled a bunch of the most misleading assumptions people make about gamblers.

Most Gamblers Are American

While Las Vegas is probably one of the most popular places on earth to gamble, and the “larger than life” feel of Las Vegas is very American indeed, most gamblers, in fact, are not American. Out of the top 15 “biggest gamblers” countries, American falls 13 out of 15. The top country where people lose the most per resident (adult) is Australia, number 2 is Singapore and number 3 is Ireland. (For those of you from Britain, you’re number 14 on the list, right after the USA).

Gamblers Can Lose Millions in One Bet

One ever-circulating story is of the businessman who enters a casino with a million dollars in a briefcase and bets it all and on one roll of the dice at the craps table, he swiftly loses his million. We hate to burst your bubble but this can’t really happen being that most betting limits are around $5,000. While this might have been the case way back, today casinos take measures to help players play more responsibly and not even give them the option to lose it all in one fell swoop, unless you’re a celebrity of course.

Gamblers Can Quickly Become Suicidal

There are no statistics on gamblers being any more suicidal than non-gamblers. A famous rumor has it that once upon a time, after losing their life savings at Casino Windsor, a dozen people have tried to commit suicide. This never happened. What did happen however was one gentleman who attempted suicide by driving his car down the casino’s boat ramp. The interesting thing? He was trying to end his life over a fight with his wife and he himself hadn’t even been gambling, unlike this guy.

Gamblers Are Risk Takers

While there is a risk involved in gambling, most gamblers play responsibly and are therefore not more prone to engaging in other risky activities such as extreme sports or even illegal criminal activity. Most gamblers understand the level of risk that they’re taking but they take it in stride and don’t gamble with more than they’re willing to lose. In fact, more people who play the stock market tend to ‘gamble’ a lot more money than they would at a casino and the odds playing the market are usually worse than playing against the house!

Susan Sedlak

Susan Sedlak is a writer based on San Diego, California. Being an avid player, and most importantly, an avid blog reader, Susan knows how to deliver interesting, highly entertaining articles.