10 Ways to Spend your Casino Winnings

We have all fantasized with the idea of hitting a jackpot at an online casino or making a killer win at the tables, and some of us have done pretty good but if there is one thing that we sometimes forget to think about is what to do with the money once we get it?

Of course, it will ultimately depend on how big of a casino prize you just won so, to get you started, here we have a first list with a few alternatives on how to spend your casino winnings:


Settle any debts: we’ve all borrowed a couple of bucks from a friend at any random moment, and sometimes our debt is a bit more than just a $20 bill. One smart thing to do with the unexpected winnings is to go back and re pay your friends back. In some cases they might not even remember this, but you will sure score some extra points with them.


Treat yourself with a great meal: one way to celebrate hitting a casino jackpot is by treating yourself to that great restaurant you only go when there’s a very special occasion. And what could be more special than winning big at the casino tables? Italian food, a prime steak, a lobster, whatever the case may be, just go for it.


Get yourself some new clothes: having some extra cash brings back opportunities that we almost gave up on. Remember those shoes you saw at the mall or that cool shirt you’ve been thinking about getting for a while? Well, now you have the perfect excuse to go buy them.


Throw a BBQ or a small party: nothing says “I WON AT THE CASINO” more than celebrating with your friends. No need to go completely overboard, unless you want to of course! A great idea is to start a party with your friends.


Pick up a new hobby: if you can’t think of anything to buy, or you feel like you have everything you want, trying something different, like a new hobby is always a great idea. Things like photography, painting, spelunking, or even scuba diving are always exciting to try out, and with the extra cash you can start with some lessons and the necessary gear.


Upgrading some toys: If there is one thing we all like are upgrades; from getting a new flat screen for your living room, or a new set of speakers for our sound system, to maybe even replacing the whole thing with new equipment: having some extra cash sure helps to do one or more of these tweaks.


Buying new gear: It does depend on the size of the jackpot, but there are all sorts of goodies to buy with some “pocket change”. Now, there is a wide range of things we should consider when looking for something new, it can be an e-reader, a tablet, a point and shoot camera, a laptop, and the list goes on and on. It all depends on how much you want to spend.


Take a road trip: Here is another interesting idea: why not travel! We all love to go to new places, or even visit our old stomping grounds. Then why not do one, or both with the casino cash money you recently won? Go back to visit some friends and family, or take trip down a place you have never visited and make the most out of your winnings.


Extreme makeover: How much can be done will most likely be determined by how much you just won, but regardless, it will be a great excuse to get you started with some remodeling in the house. Another idea is to go ahead with the spring cleaning and combine with new gear; you can reclaim some space in your house that you thought were lost.


Buy some gifts: We might need an excuse for this one, but it is not entirely necessary. If there is someoneĀ“s birthday coming along, maybe Christmas is just around the corner, or you want to score some points with your significant other. Whatever the case may be, the extra money can come in handy for either or all of the above.

We promised you ten ideas on what to do with your winnings, but we also believe in bonuses so here is something to consider if you just got lucky:

Keep playing!: did you just get lucky or are you on a roll? There is only one way to find out; walk back in the casino and take another shot at it and make a killing, you could multiply what you already made, just like that.

Did you win recently? Do you have a plan on what to do with the money when you do? Share your ideas or your experience on how to spend your casino winning in the comment section below, we might just feature it on our next article!

Jeff D. Wilhoite

Jeff Wilhoite is a California based writer, but most of all, he is a dedicated casino player. With years of experience, he is the man to go when looking for spot on advice when it comes to casino games.