4 ways to spice up online casino games – even more!

4 ways to make casino gaming more exciting“I was just having fun” it’s probably what Tiger Woods said to his wife and to himself a couple of years back. Having fun is the reason why we do all sorts of things good and bad: we play sports, videogames, we read books, we get wasted, heck, we even bet college football just because “it makes the game interesting” and sure enough, it does. People go after what makes their hearts pump with adrenaline and excitement: from back in the day when we played at the see-saw to more modern times where we scuba dive, do bungee jumping or simply engage in crazy, dangerous, risky things like… getting married without a prenup. Now, there’s a much safer way to be entertained right in front of your PC. Here’s how you can spice up online casino gaming to make it all the more exciting:

Crank up the volume: We all love casinos because of their busy environment: all the chimes and sounds you get when a slot machine pays off, every time a player pulls the lever to take a chance at lady luck, or when the roulette wheel spins to shower one lucky player with a lot of money. That’s the soundtrack of a fun time at the casino. When you are at home playing online casino games; pump up the volume to create a realistic experience where you can really listen to what #winning sounds like (“Now that’s what I call music” says Charlie Sheen) at the slot machines.


Have friends over for a session of casino games: Internet is not a lonely place any more. It is the kingdom of social, social media, social networks, social everything. Online casino games are no exception and this activity is most certainly a lot more fun when you gather your friends at home for a night of online casino action or simply connect to each other via skype, Facebook, or Twitter to play tournaments together. You will have as much fun without even commuting (and yes, you’ll all get to play in your underwear AND it will not be awkward later- just make sure to turn off your webcam!).


Play for free: With the option of playing for free you will have the advantage of really knowing your games before actually investing any money. In fact, you can splurge and pretend you’re a business mogul or a billionaire tycoon in a spending spree – play to your heart’s content but do not hurt your wallet when you can access of all the same casino games you can play for real money, but for free.


Fire the shrink: Sometimes you simply need to unwind; make gambling online your weekly therapy – when you get home from work and are ready to enjoy a lazy night at home, simply kick those heels away or take off that tie and turn on the computer to play some of your favorite casino games with an ice cold beer from your own, personal bar: the fridge. Online casino games, when played in moderation can not only entertain you but will help you disconnect from the daily rush and get you in a good mood again.

Can you think of anything else to make online casino gaming more exciting than it already is? What gets your heart racing when you log in to play online casino? Share your point of view with us in the comments section.

Susan Sedlak

Susan Sedlak is a writer based on San Diego, California. Being an avid player, and most importantly, an avid blog reader, Susan knows how to deliver interesting, highly entertaining articles.